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Nation-Building Guide 

Quick List


This is a quick rundown of all the things I usually look at when I create a new fantasy world.  Some of them are fairly standard and don't need to be fleshed out all that much, others need particular attention.  Even some very popular fantasy worlds are extremely unoriginal, taking whole parts from history or myth or other fantasy writers, and originality is of course very difficult to manage.  It's easy enough to use shorhand versions, such as "Military Traditions: Spartan," if you don't want to work up your own system.  This list is not for the entire world, but for each race or people or nation in that world, so if you really want to make it breathe, all the main points need some detail.  

Cultural Traditions:

Tribal Origins

Language and Names

Religion and Myth

Religious Evolution

Priestly Ranks & Titles

Schism, Heresy & Witchcraft

Cosmology & Magic

Warriors and Warfare

Military Traditions

Military Ranks & Titles

Armor & Weapons

Magical Armor & Weapons

Magic & Religion in War

Magic & Mechanics

Common Magic

Rare Magic

Practitioners of Magic

Magical Advancement

Common Machines

Rare Machines

Engineering & Masonry

Practitioners of Mechanics

Mechanical Advancement

Social Structure:

Government and History

Traditions of Rulership

Evolution of Government

Historical Formation and Reformation

Effects of Religion

Effects of Magic & Mechanics

Ranks of Noble and Common

Daily Life by Social Class

Magic & Religion in Daily Life

Medicine and Health in Daily Life

Hospitals & Houses of Healing

Commerce and Art by Social Class

Weights & Measures

Coins & Metals

Barrels & Coffers

Goods & Commodities

Services & Servants

Guilds & Merchant Companies

Transportation (animals, carriages, ships etc.)

Artists and Art Objects

Religious Art Forms

Magical Art Forms

Common Magical & Mechanical Devices

Uncommon Magical & Mechanical Devices

Clothing and Fashions by Social Class

Colors & Fabrics

Items of Clothing

Magical Fashions

Fashion Aids (mirrors, magical enhancements, etc)

Fashion Moralities

Sumptuary Laws

Land, Farms & Estates

Acreage & Income

Surveying the Borders

Magical Farming Implements

Cities and Fortifications:

Architectural Traditions

Influence of Magic on Architecture

Influence of Technical Advances on Architecture

Farm-house, Tower-house & Manor House

Villages & Fortified Villages

Towns & Fortified Towns

Open Cities & Walled Cities

Strongholds, Castles & Fortresses

Lairs & Hideaways

Magical Fastnesses


Nation-Building Guide 

Quick List