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Dhamyris is a 6-year-veteran of the age-old desert war, the finest archer in her city, and more skilled in magic than most of the Arvanti Fellowship that guard the borders of Jebbanne.


So why are they trying to retire her?  


The Arvanti are skilled and ruthless warriors, tougher than leather and more cruel than the brutal desert sun.  They scour the wastes for enemies, and always find them.  They're lean and hard, nothing but bone and sinew and ropey muscle, males and females both, and they know that the slightest mistake means death.  Few of them die in their beds, and those few succumb to disease rather than old age.


Dhamyris comes from an unusual family, with a few outlander ancestors, but when she joined the Fellowship she fit the profile, though taller than most of the women among the Arvanti.  Despite the endless toil and grim combat, her body started changing, to her mother's delight and her own horror.  She refused to heed all warnings about 'late bloomers' and now it's too late.  Her own team leader wants her to quit the Fellowship!


Before she can make a decision she finds a weird spell written in unknown hieroglyphs in the hands of a dying stranger.  Enemies break through Jebbanne's defenses to hunt for it, and the rest of her team is slain.  Dhamyris alone knows about the spell, and she trusts nobody with the secret but the leaders of the Fellowship.  


Soon she finds herself on a quest to use the mysterious spell to break the Curse of Dunbane, a ruined castle once the seat of kings and princes.  In the company of her younger sister and chance-met companions, she struggles to reconcile her destiny with her desires, and begins to mistrust her experience and instincts.  How can she regain her confidence when she's been banished from her beloved Fellowship?  How will she resist the whims of fortune driving her to an unknown and unwanted fate?

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Parvana lives in the Common, a cramped, crumbling remnant of the once vast city known as the Citadel, guarded by mountainous Barriers raised by magic. For three thousand years the people of the Citadel have endured the Great Siege, and have lost control of more than half of the territory within the walls. Women have few rights and fewer choices in the Common, and without a male guardian they become even fewer. When Parvana found herself alone in the streets, prostitution seemed her only choice, for a girl without protection became the lawful prey of the druggers and slavers, whichever found her first. Instead Farah Ehsan, a thief under the protection of the Vahumisa Street Deathdealers, brought Parvana home and taught her to be a thief. Together they made a life that gave them a little independence. 

Being a thief in the Common is no easy matter. The Deathdealers could turn on them at any moment, the priests of Rasham might take them for concubines, the slavers and druggers are still out there, and there's even a young man pining away for Parvana's love. 

That young man invites Parvana and her friends to join him in an adventure that will make them all rich, and allow them not only the escape the Common, but the Citadel itself. Before they can start murder follows betrayal as Parvana tries to prove that she is more than just a common thief.

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A young boy weeps alone at the hardness of the world. His mother is dead, his sister enslaved, and his father far from home on a hunting expedition while their village burns. He sees riders through the mist, and hides until he hears one use a name that is almost like a magic spell: Sir Rhenand. Hope returns, for who could help him but the most famous of Knights Errant? 


Neither Rhenand nor the boy know that the raiders pillaging the Highlands are harbingers of still greater misfortunes. When Rhenand defeated the semi-mythical Warlock of Dun Heath, he never guessed that the Warlock had agents all over the borderlands, and now they're bent on embroiling the entire region in war, bewitching a king and holding a whole nation in thrall. As armies march, Rhenand must become more than a simple Errant Knight, and to complicate matters further, he learns his marriage has been arranged, her father leads the army he must join, and a thousand men want him to be their captain. Worst of all, he discovers that behind it all is the ancient Brotherhood of the Secret, rising once more to plunge the world into darkness.

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