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Visit the Sundered Spheres©

Welcome to the Externity©


I dreamed that twixt two fair far-sundered spheres
A bridge of beams was wrought with starry twire,
That arched and wound in many a radiant spire
Across the gulf of the unpeopled years;
And o'er the bridge, like living loves and fears,
Went wild-eyed wingéd things, and shapes of fire,
Despairs that wrung their hands for doomed desire,
And sheeted forms that shed eternal tears.
Ah well I knew those peopled planets, well
The folk that passed between them, full of woe
And lamentations, and tears poured in vain:
And Love it was who thus linked heaven with hell.
And let the phantom thoughts go to and fro,
My soul and thine across this gulf of pain.

by Evelyn Douglas a.k.a John Barlas


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